Saturday, June 9, 2007

Three great articles from the NY Times today

Quantifying the Role of School Ties in Investing

From the school of Freaknomics, looks into the role people's alma maters play in how fund managers invest. I'm sure some of the peeps from Williams are tied to this one way or another. When you spend 4 years studying and living in the middle of nowhere, you spend a lot of time scheming.

Cocaine: Hidden in Plain Sight

Takes a look at the rise and acceptance of cocaine. I still remember the War on Drugs (for better or worse), but coke usage is definitely on the rise. I just never realized its prevalence until recently (stupid me)

As Women Rise, Corporate Korea Corks the BottleLooks at the rise of women in South Korea's corporate world and how it's changing the bonding culture of the workforce. Funny thing is that most of the korean women I know in the states could drink me under the table...easily.