Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quicky Review: Blackberry Curve

BlackBerry 8300 Curve

I've had the opportunity to play with the Blackberry 8300 (Curve) for the last 72 hours and I have to say, this one is an absolute winner. RIM has done an incredible job of designing a phone that looks good, works well, and FITS well in your life.

Although the 8800 may be the "benchmark" blackberry out right now, I envision the 8300 will become the top seller. The keyboard's tactile touch has improved tremendously, partly from them moving the keys apart. The 8300's tapered corners makes it easier to hold. Putting the three newest BB's next to each other, the 8300 is just 1/3" wider than the Pearl and 1/4" thinner than the 8800. Overall, it just feels NICER to hold up to your ear than the 8800 did.

While the 8300 doesn't sport an embedded GPS, it does have an absolutely fantastic 2MP camera that works rather well. This being RIM's prosumer play, they've also jam packed this thing with multimedia icons (to buy themes, ringtones, etc. etc.)

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the 8300 and I see it replacing my Pearl as a personal device. I'll still be using the Samsung Blackjack for work, but with the 8300 as a constant reminder, that may change as well. (via Engadget Mobile)