Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend in Review

Gallivanted around West LA and checked out the Penthouse (Huntley) and Viceroy. Was told that I was "quietly arrogant," which is probably the most accurate description I have heard yet.

I also realized that:

a. my tolerance level for alcohol has skyrocketed
b. I've become an alcoholic.

Case in point: A few of us decided to head out to ktown Saturday night to grab a few drinks. 10 shots of soju, 2 bottles of hite, and a redbull vodka didn't so much as elicit a reaction from my body other than: "Guys, let's go see what happened to Circus now that Spundae isn't promoting there anymore."

Bad. I tell you. Bad.

Off to get some work done, then it is time to watch my boy Ari.

Ari, get yourself a new pda man...I can recommend a great Treo 750 from at&t mobility!


Kristine said...

Nice catch on the pda. Your comment about alcohol tolerance is too funny! I think a few of us can relate (not me, of course.)