Monday, April 9, 2007

Got Pesto?

Since there isn't a lot of decent food establishments near my office in San Bernardino, I often end up going to Starbucks for one of their sandwiches. The winner for the last few weeks has been the Turkey Pesto, but today was the first time I actually did some investigating. What was in the sandwich: Turkey, bread, veggies, cranberries (yum).

So where was the damn pesto???? I investigated further and found it in the spread...a few specks of basil in the spread. WTF! I was wondering why my sandwich tasted so dry. Back in Massachusetts, we used to make our own pesto (for pasta and leftovers for sandwiches) and we spread that baby on thick. I guess I'm just spoiled, but now that I've found a reason to dislike the sandwich, I'm going to need to find something new to eat when I'm in SB.

(the imposter pesto sandwich)


The Alex and Oscar Show said...

You are like Julian 2.0.

I approve.